Mike French - Guitars, Lead Vocals, Every Other Sunday
Mike French
Guitars, Lead Vocals

Mike grew up in Auburn, Maine. He started playing guitar at the tender age of nine. He traveled North America and Europe as a vocalist and lead guitarist with Up With People in the mid-nineties. In his real life, he is a graphic designer and lives in Wayne with his wife, Tori, and two cats.

Tori Lee Jackson - Lead Vocals - Every Other Sunday
Tori Lee Jackson
Lead Vocals

Tori comes from a musical family. She and each of her siblings have been singing and playing music since elementary school. As a founding member of the Monmouth Community Players in Monmouth, Maine, Tori performed in musicals and served on the Board of Directors for many years. She is now an Associate Professor of Agriculture and Natural Resources with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, living in Wayne with her husband Mike.

Scott Powers - Bass Guitar - Every Other Sunday
Scott "Scoot" Powers
Electric Bass, Stand Up Bass, Vocals, Audio Engineer

Scoot has spent many years on the boards of local theater groups learning the elements of live performance through acting, song, dance, live audio, and of course music performance. He has been grooving in groups since he taught himself piano at age 10, and belts out notes on French horn, double bass, and percussion on area concert bands and orchestras as well. His favorite gig is on the “farm” with Stephanie and little Liza.

Neil James - Guitars, Mandolin, Keyboard, Vocals, Violin - Every Other Sunday
Neil James
Guitars, Mandolin, Keyboard, Vocals, Violin

Neil is a multi-instrumentalist with vast experience in various music ensembles, theatre tech, acting and performance, motivational speaking, and is an advocate for health through exercise and the arts. He currently works as a music teacher and public health worker, and lives in Lewiston.

Rebecca Caron - Keyboards, Vocals - Every Other Sunday
Rebecca Caron
Keyboards, Vocals

When she was four, Rebecca wanted to be a writer. Her greatest masterpiece was entitled ‘The Chicken’. At age eight, she abandoned that dream to become a dancing farmer. She played piano for her first show at age 16 and hasn’t looked back, performing with many local theaters, schools, and choral groups. She has been music director for numerous successful shows including ‘Grey Gardens’ with the Monmouth Community Players, ‘9 to 5’ at the Community Little Theatre, ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ at the Waterville Opera House, and ‘The Sorcerer’ at the Theater at Monmouth.

Mark Fredericks - Drums, Percussion, Vocals - Every Other Sunday
Mark Fredericks
Drums, Percussion, Keyboard, Vocals

Mark, a native of Lewiston, Maine, earned his B.A. in Music Performance from the University of Southern Maine. He has performed with numerous ensembles throughout Maine, New Hampshire, and New York for nearly 20 years. In his spare time, he works on his cooking skills and is an avid cruciverbalist. He and his wife, Joni, are currently adjusting to their new roles as homeowners and new parents.

Glen Bolduc - Trumpet - Every Other Sunday
Glen Bolduc

Glen studied jazz performance, and has played and recorded with various local artists from classical ensembles to rhythm & blues bands.

Andrew Pfannenstiel - Trombone - Every Other Sunday
Andrew Pfannenstiel

Andrew is a computer programmer by day and an obtrusive trombonist at night. He lives in Cumberland with his family of five.

Steve Brewer - Saxophones - Every Other Sunday
Steve Brewer

Steve has been performing and recording with the Half Moon Jug Band for the past 14 years. After a long hiatus from playing saxophone he started playing again in 2009.

Maine Wedding Band - Every Other Sunday
Rhythm of Love // Plain White T's Cover - Every Other Sunday Demo
  1. Rhythm of Love // Plain White T's Cover - Every Other Sunday Demo
  2. Marry Me // Train Cover - Every Other Sunday Demo
  3. Let The Rain // Sara Bareilles Cover - Every Other Sunday Demo
  4. Mandolin Moon // Sister Hazel Cover - Every Other Sunday Demo
  5. Standing Outside The Fire // Garth Brooks Cover - Every Other Sunday Demo
  6. Fix You // Coldplay Cover - Every Other Sunday Demo
  7. Mustang Sally // Wilson Pickett Cover - Every Other Sunday Demo
  8. Wonderful Tonight // Eric Clapton Cover - Every Other Sunday Demo
  9. I’m Yours // Jason Mraz Cover - Every Other Sunday Demo